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How can we help carers and health workers diagnose illness in non-verbal patients?

  Autism and ill health: how to spot the subtle signs that something is wrong The Guardian, Health and wellbeing by Saskia Baron Sunday March 29, 2015 People with autism and learning disabilities can die up to 20 years prematurely. … Continue reading

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Wonder Dog

Wonder DogNYTimes, By MELISSA FAY GREENE, Published: February 2, 2012 “Chancer loves Iyal in a perfect way, with an unconditional love beyond what even the family can offer him. Chancer never feels disappointed in Iyal or embarrassed by Iyal. …just a … Continue reading

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Quiet Hands

ABA Quiet Hands ? From the blog, Just Stimming (October 14, 2011), a heartwrenching entry. “if you work on eliminating “autistic symptoms” and “self-stimulatory behaviors,” if you take away our voice…”

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A Father’s Quest To Help His Severely Disabled Son

A moving interview with Ian Brown on Fresh Air with Terri Gross. A Father’s Quest to Help His Severely Disabled Son, on Fresh Air (May 10, 2011), with Ian Brown, author of The Boy in the Moon.

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Down-Regulating in Action

Down-regulating with Chopin, Vivaldi and other classical CDs for 30 minutes twice a day. Fantastic stuff.

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